1. How do we utilize GM Associates services?  
The best way to contact us is via email at gmassoc@aol.com or by phone at (970) 613-1146. Please provide a brief description of your service needs in addition to your contact information and the best date and time to respond. 
2. What are your fees and how are they determined? 
Our fees vary by each client-specific project, with consideration to the time allotment, necessary personnel, and any budgetary constraints. Please contact us and we will design a fee schedule to fit your needs.  
3. Can GM Associates assist in verification of a Level I CPT code or submitting a proposal to revise or add to CPT? 
Yes, we have submitted numerous coding verification requests for medical, surgical, and diagnostic services. In addition, we have developed proposals to request a change to CPT and worked with key members of physician specialty organizations to facilitate consideration of the proposal. Our associates have personal experience serving on AMA panels that assist in CPT development. 
4. How can GM Associates assist in assignment of a Level II HCPCS code? 
GM Associates has been conducting coding analyses and preparing documentation for coding verification submissions since the inception of this process. We successfully obtain favorable results for hundreds of submissions and frequently assist clients who completed submissions and received an undesirable decision. It is critical to complete a coding analysis and reimbursement strategy prior to launching a new product for successful market penetration and to work with a reimbursement consultant to determine reimbursement obstacles and plan strategies to ensure acceptance by payers. Contact us for additional information on coding your product. 
5. Can GM Associates help with a Coding Verification Review or application for a new national code?  
Yes. We have submitted nearly 100 coding verification review requests and have a 100% success rate of having the appropriate code assigned. In addition, we assist may clients to prepare the documentation and necessary support materials to submit to the National HCPCS Panel for a coding modification request and prepare appeals of unfavorable decisions. It is extremely difficult to appeal a decision. Conducting a thorough coding analysis and preparing strong supporting documentation is essential before any coding verification or modification request is submitted to ensure the greatest chance of success. Contact us to discuss your coding needs. 
6. Can a Coding Verification Review decision be appealed?
Yes. In fact, GM Associates has prepared several appeals after clients did the original submission. We have a 100% success rate of having the appropriate coding determination made upon appeal. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients, Tyco Healthcare Group LP Product Manager, Stephen Sullivan: “When the coding verification decision was unsatisfactory, the GM Associates team prepared the documentation to appeal the decision. The end result was a successful coding assignment accurately reflecting our product, which played a critical role in cementing sales and expanding into the outpatient wound care market.”