New Product Development Focus Groups
Focus groups are arranged and conducted to obtain clinician opinions on products and solicit information critical to support sales. Similar groups are convened to identify new marketing opportunities, novel product formulations, and packaging. One such group resulted in a company with sales growing from $168 the first year to millions worldwide.

Wound Care Dressings: Issues in Clinical Decisionmaking
A comprehensive analysis of chronic wound and burn care dressings including advantages and disadvantages, clinical decision- making factors, and implications for marketing a new product was completed. The results were used to develop clinical trials and formulate marketing plans.

Potential Market Forecast for Chronic Ulcer Market
Epidemiological data, including prevalence, incidence, and cost of treatment for pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and venous stasis ulcers were researched and evaluated to forecast potential sales of a new wound care product. The final report served as the basis for product launch and target markets.

Product Evaluation Trials
Product evaluation forms identifying and ranking features, benefits, and patient outcome criteria were developed. Clinician experts were then recruited to trial various wound dressings, incontinence products, skin care supplies, and support surfaces and complete the extensive evaluation.

Clinical Response to New Technology
Several clinical trial evaluations designed to determine potential user acceptance of new wound dressings, skin care products, and advanced technologies have been conducted. From our nationwide network of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, administrators, and other healthcare professionals, key individuals were selected to participate in discussion groups or telephone interviews. Results helped to pinpoint previously unidentified markets, redesign packaging, and finalize instructions for use.

Medical Technology Reimbursement Hotline Services
Hotlines providing customer support for submitting claims, identifying billing codes, appealing denied claims, and educating insurers have been established for a number of products, new technologies, and clinical procedures. Feedback from users of hotline services is used to identify customer needs, user trends, and sales success.

Wound Dressing Product Launches
Several companies have selected us to profile existing and potential markets; determine the knowledge level and attitudes of target audiences; identify potential sales obstacles; finalize product packaging and usage instructions; and develop customer education materials.

Reimbursement Support Packages
Comprehensive packages to support coverage and payment for an incontinence skin barrier film, wound dressings, compression therapy, and support surfaces were developed, including Medicare billing instructions and a sample claim form, claim appeal process guidelines, medical necessity, and sample correspondence to Part B Medicare carriers.

Guide to Understanding Reimbursement for Wound and Skin Care Products
A document providing an overview of reimbursement outside the hospital setting, with a focus on Medicare, Medicaid and managed care coverage and payment for wound and skin care products was compiled. It serves as a valuable resource to educate both customers and sales personnel.

Guides for Billing Medicare and Other Third-party Payers
Detailed manuals and quick reference guides on how to document medical necessity, properly code and bill payers, and successfully appeal denied claims for various wound dressings, medical devices, durable medical equipment, and clinical procedures have been developed. Educating customers and sales personnel this way translates to an increase in sales.

Comparative Study on the Efficacy of PHMB Antimicrobial Dressings
A prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial approved by an independent IRB was completed to demonstrate the effect of antimicrobial gauze on wound bioburden, as compared to plain gauze. The results were accepted for presentation at several national educational symposia and the resulting white paper used to promote interest in this new product and increase sales.