GM Associates develops posters, clinical abstracts, case studies, white papers, and continuing education (CEU) programs designed to support sales and marketing efforts.   Target audiences include nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physicians, physical therapists, podiatrists, healthcare billers and administrators, third-party payers, product suppliers and sales personnel. Our educational vehicles provide added value in non-commercial format and showcases companies as industry leaders.

For examples of completed projects, see below.

Home Health Competency Programs

Competency models are required in home health. Our clinical experts develop wound assessment programs to teach home care professionals appropriate product selection and treatment protocols, resulting in a commitment to using our clients' products.

Program components include:

• Development of a formulary with associated utilization parameters for skin and wound applications.

• Creation of a compliance program with enforcement, monitoring, and reporting mechanisms implemented by a supplier.

• Establishment of parameters for a price incentive program that ensures formulary compliance.


Skin Health Education Program
Three CEU accredited video modules scripted to educate healthcare professionals on skin health management and the prevention, early intervention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Educational guides that include testing materials and creative learning approaches accompany the videos.

Time to Care Videotape and Study Guide
A CEU accredited video module scripted to educate nurses in long-term care on the assessment and progressive treatments for urinary incontinence     features a seminar study guide and an innovative nursing care planning system.

Product Usage Videotape and Supportive Materials
An educational video demonstrates the use and proper application of a skin barrier film includes treatment protocols incorporating OBRA provisions for improved quality of care were also developed.

Perineal Cleansing Videotape and Learner Guide
An educational video on proper perineal care that meets Federal training requirements for Certified Nursing Assistants includes a CEU accredited learner guide.

Symposium on Advances in the Treatment of Incontinence
A two-day educational event focusing on assessment, evaluation, and treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence includes a distinguished faculty of world renown experts was assembled and 30 product manufacturers exhibited.

Skin and Wound Care Symposium on Management Practices for Home Care
A two-day symposium to teach state-of-the-art interventions for skin care and wound management developed and presented at the National Association for Home Care Annual Meeting.

Guide to Understanding Reimbursement for Wound Care and Skin Care Products
A document providing an overview of reimbursement outside the hospital setting with a focus on Medicare, Medicaid and managed care coverage and payment for wound and skin care products serves as a valuable resource to educate both customers and sales personnel.

Guides for Billing Medicare and Other Third-party Payers
Detailed manuals and quick reference guides on how to document medical necessity, properly code and bill payers, and successfully appeal denied claims for various wound dressings, medical devices, durable medical equipment, and clinical procedures educate customers and sales personnel and translates to increased sales.

Reimbursement Support Packages
Comprehensive packages to support coverage and payment for several medical devices, surgical implants,  incontinence products, wound dressings, pulsed lavage, compression therapy,  support surfaces and other durable medical equipment were developed, including Medicare billing instructions and a sample claim form, claim appeal process guidelines, medical necessity, and sample correspondence to Part B Medicare carriers.