Wound Healing Continuing Education

GM Associates developed Moist Wound Healing: Cost Efficient Patient Care Using Glycerin-based Hydrogel Technology, a CEU offering underwritten by Southwest Technologies Inc., N. Kansas City, MO which offers nurses one (1) contact hour. It is available without charge made possible by an unrestricted grant. The learning objectives are: differentiate phases of the wound healing process; comprehend advantages of moist wound healing; understand benefits of glycerin-based hydrogel technology; analyze financial factors affecting the economic outcomes of treating wounds; and differentiate the cost of three different wound care protocols. To receive this unique educational resource contact: Angie McKessor (Marketing Director), Southwest Technologies, Inc. 800.247.9951.

Case Report Series on Clinical Outcomes Achieved with EpiFLSD Transdermal Sustained Oxygen Therapy (TSOT)
GM Associates has analyzed and interpreted data on 64 subjects with chronic, non-healing wounds treated with transdermal sustained oxygen therapy (TSOT). Primary care physicians and specialists in vascular, plastic and general surgery, dermatology and podiatry reported the outcomes.  Previous multiple treatments failed to produce positive outcomes on the subjects’ diabetic, venous stasis and pressure ulcers; surgical incisions;  and traumatic and arterial wounds.  The median time that the wounds had been present was 135 weeks, equivalent to 33.6 months or 2.6 years. The wounds with the longest duration were diabetic ulcers and leg/ankle wounds related to venous disease. A mean healing time of 7.09 weeks was documented in 58% of subjects. The overall healing rate, as determined by decrease in size, was 2.19 sq. cm. per week. For additional information use the link below: www.ogenix.com

Is Gauze Making Your Patient Sick?

GM Associates was commissioned to research the quality problems and resulting negative clinical outcomes associated with imported gauze. Surgeons and clinicians are rarely aware of quality issues reported with these products such as the presence of fibers, plant parts, seed coats, insects, mold spores, high endotoxin count, linting and uncleanliness. Clinical complications and negative patient outcomes associated with poor quality gauze include granuloma, seroma, dehiscence, inhibition of wound closure, adhesions,and infection. Cheaper is not always better and buyer beware should be the norm when purchasing inferior gauze dressings. For more information contact: Tyco Kendall Healthcare, Patient Care Wound Care Marketing: 800.346.7197

Wound Source.com
Glenda Motta continues her role as the clinical editor of Wound Source , the Kestrel Wound Product Sourcebook since its premier in 1998. This invaluable resource includes side-by-side product comparisons, cutting edge editorial content, and HCPCS coding   authored by Glenda. The most recent edition of the industry's only compendium of wound care products is available online (www.Woundsource.com ).

Published Clinical Studies  

GM Associates’ research activities are published in peer-reviewed journals and as posters presented at national symposia. Two examples of published clinical studies conducted by GM Associates are: “The effect of an antimicrobial drain sponge dressing on specific bacterial isolates at tracheostomy sites” and “Impact of antimicrobial gauze on bacterial colonies in wounds that require packing” . They are available at: www.KendallAMD.com.

Wound Excellence Publications
Glenda Motta has authored textbook chapters and manuals for clinicians
to promote wound excellence. “Regulatory Issues and Reimbursement”
(In: Krasner DL, Rodeheaver GT, Sibbald RG (eds). Chronic Wound Care:
A Clinical Source Book for Healthcare Professionals, Third Ed.
PA: HMP Communications, 2001:199-207) describes how Medicare pays
for wound care in specific clinical settings as well as documentation
requirements to support reimbursement. Glenda is currently revising this
chapter for the fourth edition to be published in 2007.

Defensive Wound Management
Authored by Glenda Motta and Kathi Thimsen, published by GM Associates is an invaluable resource for wound care clinicians, administrators, quality improvement specialists, staff nurses, physicians, attorneys, and physical therapists. Content on legal issues, documentation format, and standardization of care helps improve reimbursement and decrease potential for liability.


Skin Wellness
GM Associates' Skin Wellness Division offers customized skin condition analyses and regimens proven to promote skin wellness. Visit our website at www.beautipage.com/skinwellness for great tips on healthy skin and to take our skin analysis quiz to discover skin's unique needs.


Glenda Motta was interviewed by the Washington Business Journal regarding the impact business location has on access to decision-makers and policy makers. "Advanced communications technology allows us to provide reimbursement, clinical and cost outcomes services to worldwide wound care, medical device and pharmaceutical clients.   However, our Washington, D.C. location affords us significant credibility due to direct contact with regulatory agencies, professional medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers' associations, and the like." Glenda stated.

Vice President/Past President of Women Business Organization

Glenda is a member of the Board of Directors and Past  President of the Women Business Owners (WBO) of Prince George's County, Maryland.   The organization's primary mission is to foster relationships, support business growth, and provide assistance and education through the leveraging of members' collective resources. Visit www.wbo.org to learn about all the great things this organization is doing.