Stephanie Bohrer,

Market Development Manager, Graham Medical, Green Bay, WI

GM Associates has been very effective in providing technical guidance and expertise in the complex area of wound care. Glenda and her team have provided knowledge in the areas of product and clinical evaluations, proper product coding, reimbursement and sales training allowing Graham Medical to gain entry into the market in a cost effective and expedient manner. Glenda is truly an expert in the industry!

Stephanie Schensul,
President, Omega Medical Products, Yonkers, NY

GM Associates brought a team with many capabilities that we utilized. To increase clinician awareness of our product, they developed a unique case series with clinical and cost analysis components. For our retailers, they developed simple, easy to understand reimbursement guides with medical necessity guidelines, billing instructions, and Medicare payment information. Together, these marketing support materials helped achieve successful sales growth.

Paul Duesterhoft,
CEO, Healthpoint Inc., Fort Worth, TX

GM Associates' expertise and the team's ability to initially identify clinical leaders and potential users for a new line of skin and wound care products was instrumental in the creation of Healthpoint which has grown from its initial order of $168.41 in 1982 to a significant force in innovative wound treatments.

A. Bart Flick, M.D. ,
Medical Principal, Medical Director, Argentum Medical LLC, Lakemont, GA

GM Associates is a valuable resource to any company in the healthcare industry, but especially in wound care. Their knowledge of the marketplace, the players, the clinical experience and the reimbursement climate make their services invaluable. GM Associates has their fingers on the pulse of this industry.

Stephen Sullivan,

Product Manager, Tyco (Kendall) Healthcare Group LP, Mansfield, MA

When the SADMERC coding verification decision was unsatisfactory, the GM Associates team prepared the documentation to appeal the decision. The end result was a successful coding assignment accurately reflecting our product, which played a critical role in cementing sales and expanding into the outpatient wound care market. In addition to the successful coding assignment, GM Associates has also been able to promote the interest in Kendall’s antimicrobial line by conducting trials for symposium presentations.

Tonya Eggleston,
RN, BSN, Senior Clinical Research Associate, Tyco Healthcare Group LP, Mansfield, MA

GM Associates Inc. conducts extraordinary clinical research. Services range from designing study protocols and accompanying data collection instruments to developing research abstracts that are accepted by professional organizations. Thus, study results are successfully presented at multiple conferences nationwide, generating clinical awareness and interest in product performance. GM Associates Inc. consists of responsive, knowledgeable professionals who effectively manage multiple projects in a timely manner.